About the Wakulla Volcano websites

WakullaVolcano.Com and associated websites (.net, .org, .us, .info) were created and have been maintained by Michael Lowe Wright since 1997. Starting life as WakullaVolcano.Vashti.Net, the site was moved to the present domains in 2004. The current design was implemented in 2017.
All original material is © 1997-2017 Michael Lowe Wright.

Fair Use

Many of the other materials hosted on or linked from the Wakulla Volcano websites may be in the public domain, or have an expired copyright. Others, though, are under copyright. They are included here under the provisions of Fair Use which allow an exception to copyright for research and educational purposes, so long as the original site or work is properly credited, including any appropriate URL(s). Therefore, you should not make any other use of the materials found here, unless you can verify such use is permitted.


A hearty "Thank you!" to all who have ever written about or been inspired by the legend and mystery of the Wakulla Volcano, and who have left us a history and tradition to be remembered and carried on. These websites are dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of that legacy.

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