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Contemporary Articles

Tallahassee Magazine
A great article, highly recommended
The Search for Truth Keeps Local Legends Alive

Wakulla Volcano

Florida Department of State
A fun piece, and it's Official! From the Florida Department of State's Florida Memory website, which is a wonderful resource for Florida history and culture
The Florida Memory Blog: The Wakulla Swamp Volcano

Weird U.S.
Legendary Wakulla Volcano

The Edge of Reality blog
The Wakulla Volcano

Volcanoes and Tallahassee

People of One Fire (Richard Thornton)
Only mentions the Wakulla Volcano marginally, but a different take entirely
Nodoroc and Wakulla Mud Volcanoes

Weirly Awesome North Carolina
Southern Weird: Wakulla Volcano


A fictional - or is it - book about the Wakulla Volcano and pirate gold
"The Wakulla Volcano" by Rodney R. Letchworth (Amazon)
"The Wakulla Volcano" by Rodney R. Letchworth (CreateSpace)

Performing Arts

The Wakulla News, April 24, 2013
'Wakulla Volcano' was real community theatre

Ernest Toole
Ernest Toole Sings Stories of Old Florida
Wakulla Volcano


Wakulla Volcano Geocaching. I love it!
Wakulla volcano #1

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